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Is most of the worlds' angst due to an imbalance in the voyeur/exhibitionist ratio?
Sorry for the math question.
You know those big words make me all warm!
What personal efforts we can make for addressing climate change. It is possible to adopt prayer 5 times a day?
I would like to generate more and more positive responses for adoption of prayer 5 times a day, austerity in consumption, donation for poor and needy, care of old, travellors and men and women in need. I have been promoting my concept Sustainability Index and Ecological Audit for maximising decisions for ecologically safe future. I am Ph.D in psychology working for better,safer future for all guyren all over the world. We just need to avoid exhibitionist consumption promoted by corporations in the name of development. We need to support development and preservation of ecologically sustainable habitats,transportation systems,livelihoods, lifestyles locally as well as globally.
I read your other post too, and I really like your ideas. I feel a little sheepish for not having thought of some of them. I don't know if you'd ever get 5 times a day from most American, but 1 would probably make a big difference. The last time we had that was WWII. Considering the Adversary, your thoughts are apropos!
Getting married for 2nd time..fun suggestions?
At 46 years old I live in Peterborough UK. and would very much like to marry my partner. We'd like to have the best day ever . For both of us it is our 2nd marriage and neither of us are exhibitionists, so no 'big show' stuff please guys??.... but!!!!!!!!!!!!! as hard workers with not much spare, it also has to be VERY inexpensive as we live in the real world here! Thanks for your time and considerations
Fun! You can have a space theme. You can rent one of those weightless machines like in Willie Wonka and people can take turns going in and floating around and doing flips.
Guys who live in college dorms...Question about modesty?
Is it just me or does it seem like the majority of guys who live in the dorms are lacking modesty and walking around half naked all the time without a care in the world. I knew I was like that when I decided to live in the dorms but I am noticing that dorms attract exhibitionists. Do you agree with me and or you one of the people I am talking about?
when I lived in the dorms, most of the guys walked down the the bathroom/showers in their boxers/shorts and nothing else

half the guys were in shape and I had no problem with half should have kept their clothes on
EARN 10 POINTS: Why do people post videos of themselves on xtube?
Ok so I'm really open about my sexuality so I don't mind saying that I go on xtube quite frequently but I couldn't help but wonder why these guys post pics of themselves having sex or masturbating on the internet for the whole world to see? Don't they realize that this can hurt them when seeking employment or if they ever run for office?

And yes I know someone is going to say 'because they're open about their sexuality just like you are" but the thing is there's a big difference between saying that I am open about my sexuality on an anonymous internet bored and posting a video of myself chocking my chicken on the internet for the whole world to see.

I mean dang I had no idea that people were such exhibitionists. I thought we were naturally inclined to want to be in private while performing a sexual act to avoid being eaten by a lion while doing the deed.

BONUS QUESTION: Would you post a video of yourself on xtube?
to be fair, i'd say a small number of posters on xtube are anywhere near cerebral enough to run for office or have such lofty goals that they'd have to endure a background check of that magnitude.

exhibitionism can be a real turn-on, i guess. and i'm relatively certain a lot of the guys don't record their faces or include their names. it's mostly aliases and headless bodies.

and no, i wouldn't post a video of myself on xtube.
How does Banksy stay anonymous?
I've been following Banksy's work for almost a decade now, and I'm a huge fan. One thing that's been bothering me from the beginning is: how in the world does he manage to stay anonymous?

He's hosting galleries and art shows. He's publishing bestseller books. He's made a movie. He's designed album art to world famous musicians. Yet none of the many people who wants to sue him can get a hold of even his name..?

"He can't reveal his identity because most of the things he does is illegal", okay, so I guess my main question is: If he works illegally and has numerous people and corporations wanting to sue and prosecute him, couldn't these people with the help of the police get his real name and information through his publishers, movie distributors, art gallery exhibitionists, etc etc.. How does he do it? Stay mainstream but still that far buried underground?

Oh man im the exact same! I cannot understand how he keeps his identity secret! I mean, if he's publicized his work THIS much with books and movies and things, and selling his works for LOADS of money, how can he keep himself secret?

Im not exactly sure how to answer this question, im sure you may know more about him than me. But what i do know is, have you heard of OBEY graffiti? This guys name is Sheaphard Fairy and he's been thrown in jail mulitple times. He does not at all try and keep his identity secret but for some reason he gets away with A LOT!

I dont know if thats similar or anything, but maybe Banksy DOESNT keep his identity secret, and we just dont know what it is for some reason? You probs no more than me. Sorry i cant help, just kinda wanted to say we share the same idea (:
Most depressing rock songs?
Well anything by joy division is always depression he sings about committing suicide and depressing things.. love will tear us apart

This next bit is from wikipedia just explains a bit about the song.. yes it’s a sad song

“The title of the song is a play on the title of a Neil Sedaka song Love Will Keep Us Together made popular by The Captain & Tennille in 1975.The lyrics are perceived to reflect the problems in Ian Curtis' marriage to Deborah Curtis, as well as his general frame of mind in the time leading up to his suicide in May 1980. Deborah Curtis had the phrase "Love Will Tear Us Apart" inscribed on Ian Curtis' memorial stone”

Pretty much all joy division is depressing but try these:
> “Jeff Buckley – love you should have come over” - A brilliant song. A beautiful voice. A genius set of lyrics. The most tender subject matter. Unless you commit suicide before it’s even over, this ultimate song of breakdown is the definite break-up song. And it’s pretty too.
> “pink Floyd - comfortably numb” - this song is one of the most beautifully sad songs of all time on the subject of being filled with apathy towards the world around you.
> “Joy division – decades” – basicly about suicide, some people would cry if they heard this song… others don’t know what its about cos there supidly listening to jay (zed)
> “Manic Street preaches – yes” - You want alienation, deprecation and annihilation? Look no further than Richey James Edward’s stream of consciousness tale about voyeurs and exhibitionists who “conceive a god on video” and “everyone I love or hated always seems to leave.” For further heartache, listen to the entire album, The Holy Bible.
> “ Interpol - stella was a diver and she was always down” - fantastic tale of a woman trapped in society’s darkness and her eventual, deliberate drowning to escape. Interpol’s dark atmosphere and esoteric lyrics have cemented their place as the new kings of goth pop. This song is part of the reason why.
> “The cure – 100 years” - this is the one that makes you sick to your stomach with anxiety about the future. “Over and over we die, one after the other.” And that’s not even the half of it. Any song that begins “It doesn’t matter if we all die!” isn’t going to be an inspirational hymn of any sorts. Listen and try not to cry…
> The velvet underground – herorin - on no song did he so lou reed intensify the pathetic beauty of Baudelaire than on this spiral into sweet addiction. Personal note: the first time I heard this song, I literally felt sickened. Oh, the power of it….

DOA by Bloodrock. Clocking in at 8:27, it was a favorite of DeeJays back when it came out in the early 70's.

The song details how a young man and his girlfriend were in a plane crash or a car wreck. She lives, he is dying. The song expresses his emotions, feelings, sights and sounds of his passing into eternity.

I remember
We were flying along and hit something in the air

Laying here looking at the ceiling
Someone lays a sheet across my chest
Something warm is flowing down my fingers
Pain is flowing all through my back

I try to move my arms and there's no feeling
And when I look I see there's nothing there
The face beside me stopped it totally bleeding
The girl I knew has such a distant stare

I remember
We were flying along and hit something in the air
I remember
We were flying along and hit something in the air

Then I looked straight at the attendant
His face is pale as it can be
He bends and whispers something softly
He says there's no chance for me

I remember
We were flying along and hit something in the air
I remember
We were flying along and hit something in the air

Life is flowing out my body
Pain is flowing out with my blood
The sheets are red and moist where I'm lying
God in Heaven, teach me how to die

I remember
We were flying along and hit something in the air
I remember
We were flying along and hit something in the air
So now that our War Memorials...?
So now that Canadian war memorials are being not only used as urinals but also as brothels, how far lower can people sink?

Despite the Vimy Ridge war memorial being used as a meeting place for prostitues for some time now, has the Canadian government actually done anything in the past?

I'm just wondering if anything like this happened to US war or holocaust memorials, and if other Canadians think that some sort of security force should be patrolling these areas?

"..One photo shows a woman and man engaging in a sexual act in front of a wall inscribed with the names of Canada's war dead..."

"An internet search produces websites showing dozens of sexual voyeurs and exhibitionists using the Vimy memorial for their encounters, even posting comments praising the monument's ample parking."

France really seems to have a basic problem with respect and simple gratitude. I'm not asking them to grovel at my feet, or at the feet of anyone, but a simple honorable respect for hallowed and sanctified places would be nice.

By and large, US war memorials at home are respected, though some are magnet sites for protests. So long as the protests are respectful of the actual memorial, I have no problem with that... Dissent is a quintessentially American activity, and could even be considered patriotic in some lights. But turning a hallowed site into a open-air bordello? That's not only rude, ungrateful, and disrespectful to Canada, but it's disrespectful to France, too - It shows their nation in a horribly unflattering light.
Why does it feel so good to...?
....decide to leave Y Answers? Coz I'm sick of how ppl push their agenda so hard, I think "right, I want the exact opposite of what he/she is selling." Each section has its' own agenda. I'm ESP bored with the sleazoids, the cyber-exhibitionists (ie "does it make me a 'liberated' woman if I post explicit details on Y Answers for the world to read?), the ppl SO stunted they can't think beyond porn. In fact, I'm so bored I'm not even gonna come back and check answers. I'm gonna go design beautiful sets.
One last note: Jonathon Swift invented the word "yahoo" in Gulliver's Travels to describe a race of obstinate boors.

Yahoo! will announce another truckload of layoffs tomorrow. Please stand by for the rain of sh!t, fire and razor blades.
Why do people think paris hilton is hot?
she looks like a mold-injected alien with downs sydrome, she is nothing but a rich exhibitionist, that the media force feeds the world because, the wallstreet machine needs someone to fill the role of a no-talent empty headed vile anorexic mediawhore, I wish there was a way to turn it off
Ah, one of the few current event topics that South Park had a good message about. :P

That whore is SCARY. And have you ever seen her sex video?

She can't sing, she can't dance, she can't screw, she can't act... She's even ugly as hell!

Someone needs to lock her away somewhere and put the world out of its misery.

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