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All Comments

What is the name of the product that had a little girls panties pulled by puppy a behind her?
i remember the little girl looking shocked and there was a bath tub in the background.
I could not find the bath tub scene- but its coppertone.... Is this the picture you were thinking of?…
Where exactly DOES Japan's obsession with little girls come from?
Where does the obsession with little girls, panty shots, etc. come from, when it comes to video games, comic books, etc.?
No idea, they are a nation of paedophiles and sadists.
What type of panties do little girls wear?? not a peedo!?
Hi, im asking this question cause my daughter's pants we're pulled down cause she was wearing little princess panties, and i was wondering what was wrong with this, so i ws wondering what panties young girls wear. btw im not a peedo, i just want to know why my daughter was bullied. She is 6
My daughter is 5 and she wears princess panties. I don't think anything is wrong with that and I don't know why any guys would want to bully her over it.
I dont understand why little girls take pictures in panties?
So we have all seen those pictures with the 14 yr olds with the big hair and hellykitty crap on.. (and too much makeup) right?? yes!

So i don't understand why its so so so common for them to take pictures in tank-tops/shirt's and just undies?
whats the point? no one except guyren and pervos wanna see that madness.

So can someone tell me why this is?
I am just as confused as you are with this trend. My younger brother knows some girls that do this (13-14 years old) and all I think is guy pornography in the making. I mean if girls this age are showing this much already then what will they be showing in a year or two?

I am 19 and I sleep in a t-shirt or tank top and panties, but I don't go taking pictures of it and posting it on the internet, these girls are crazy!
Girls has ur boyfriend ever wanted u to wear embarrassing panties?
By embarrassing i mean like little girl panties like beauty and the beast panties or care bear panties. my boyfriend asked me to do this he also wanted the panties to be really small like as small as i could fit into. is that a normal thing for guys to ask

I would love to find someone that would ask me to do that.
No shorts under dress for little girls in playground?
Why is it that some parents dress a little girl in a dress with no shorts underneath, and then take them to the play ground where they are obviously going to be climbing, sliding, hanging upside down on the monkey bars, and all that fun stuff?
I mean shorts are not always necessary when going to other places like parties, malls, etc. And Its not really all that sanitary either, having their panties all over the slide, swings and other things for the other guyren either.
To tell you the truth I've never thought of that. You have a really good point. I remember in my guyhood my mother a lot of the times dressing me in dresses to go most places, including the playground. (not fancy dresses but like summer dresses that would be considered play clothes) It was embarrassing when other guyren saw my panties.

Thanks for the advice, if I ever have guys!
Is it normal for little girls to fart in front of little boys?
My 6 year old daughter came home from school today and told me that during recess a bunch of boys said she they thought that girls never farted. So she decided that she would show them and took them into the woods where no teachers could see them, pulled her skirt and panties down and farted a few times. Is this normal for guys to do? do you have any similar stories?
normal to fart? sure

normal to pull down their pants and underwear? NO!

something is wrong here... and i would be upset with the teachers who watch the guys at recess for letting this happen (not the farting, but the clothing part)

ps- youre full of it. looking at your past questions, youre just obsessed with girls farting and pooping. weirdie
Girls still wear that type of underwear?
I stopped wearing panties with little girl prints when I was in elimentary school. I can't believe that high school girls on this site have admitted they still wear tinker bell and hello kitty undies. I am I the only one who has grown up or do most girls still have those embarrassing prints?
It's actually just personal choice. I choose commando!
Why do a lot of women dress their little girls in pretty dresses and bows and then put on mens sweat pants ?
and T shirts on their bodies ?
I think we would all be a lot happier if you gals would put on the same style dresses and ruffled panties as you are dressing your daughters in !
Honestly, I think so too!

I have this whole personal crusade going for women to embrace their femininity again.

It's been a long time since this was widely popular, women dressed as men to try and remove their sexuality in the workplace for fear of not being taken seriously otherwise, almost like those religions where women must be fully covered so they don't 'tempt' the men with their 'sex'.

We're long overdue for women to stop buying into this BS and get back to being open to choosing what THEY want when it comes to how they present themselves to the world. Too many women are scared to do this, very few do it now. I want to see that change.

Not in a way where women NEED to dress stereotypically, but where they have the OPTION to be dressed with femininity again and not fear being seen as a sex object who can't be taken 'seriously'.

Irks me greatly =o/ haha

Plus, the Mothers who dress this way all the time, they do often show signs of being depressed (not in a harsh, clinical way) or at least unsatisfied with their appearance. They need to demand the time to take care of themselves like they want to instead of feeling guilty for even thinking of it. It shouldn't be a choice of take great care of your guys OR take great care of yourself.

My Mamma took incredible care of me, but she also did continue to take care of herself...she was always pretty low maintenance, so it only meant maybe 15 mins of time in the bathroom putting a bit of makeup on and doing her hair, but still, she felt much better for it.

Women shouldn't feel the need to be a great Mother *or* their own woman =o)

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